Sunday, July 05, 2009

Need a cool shirt?

Looking for a cool t-shirt? Like all things bike related? Have I got sumthin' you should check out...

My friend Kathleen is an artist- a really good artist. See, she did these "scribbles" that got the attention of some guys who ride bikes- one is a high-profile cycling coach and the other is a 7-time winner of the Tour Day France. They liked her scribbles and other work so much that they commissioned her to do a mural of TdF cycling winners for some swanky training center they're opening in Colorado.

Well, because she's my friend, she gave me one of the shirts- and it's pretty rad!

She's had so much interest in the artwork and the shirts that she is now selling them. So, if you're a bike nerd like me and you like to show off your bike nerdiness (or you're cool and like art), I highly recommend you check these shirts out.

Tell'er Masiguy sent you!



Kk said...

Thank you, Tim, for all the great press. This is incredibly sweet of you!


Anonymous said...

masiguy, you should see about priting that art on cycling jerseys.

Jiggsy said...

Cool shirts. How are those Masi jerseys coming? It almost August and the cooler weather is around the corner