Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Vitamin C(arbon)

As promised, a little picture of a prototype frame. This is a sample of a potential frame/ bike. Amazingly enough, the sample just happened to be my size... hmm... how could that have happened? The design is lugs and tubes, allowing for customization of sizes and geometries, rather than simply putting our name on somebody else's frame. Not that there aren't good "off the shelf" frames available, this just gives us more of what we want.

The ride is superb! I was truly impressed by the soak-it-up-so-you-feel-nothing quality of the carbon. My boss and I both were surprised by the sensation that you weren't riding very hard, as if you were just cruising along. The buzz and vibration is cut down to nearly nothing. Really, very impressive. As with all prototypes, it isn't perfect and it won't be the final product, but it sure is a fun ride to have in the stable when you want to go for a spin.

Now, don't email me and ask me when you can have one because I don't know yet. We will definitely have an all-carbon frame/ bike soon, but not today. You'll just have to spend your days and nights pining away for one... just like me.



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