Sunday, February 19, 2006

A&F/ Inferno rider profile; Abe McNutt

As Team Camp 2 draws near next week, we're almost done with all the rider profiles.

Our next debutante for the ball is none other than Abe McNutt. What's with all these guys being "so pretty", as my wife puts it? Abercrombie has got some serious catalog material here with this group.


Here is my bio.

Name: Abe McNutt
DOB: 4/15/76
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145lbs
Occupation: Painting Contractor, Bike Racer
Category: 1
Hometown: West Liberty, Ohio

It all started back in Jr. high and high school. I ran both cross country and track. I was good at the long distance running. I had the endurance for it. My dad was always pushing me do the best I could at it as well. Out of school I took to music pretty hard. I was in bands ranging from rock to jazz! People thought that was weird to hear me playing rock one day and Miles Davis the next night. I just wanted to learn as much as I could about music and that is what it takes.

So, I buy my first road bike in 1999 and just start riding all the time. It soon takes over my music obsession and it seems all I want to do is ride! I didn’t start racing until the end of 2002. Did that first RR and was hooked. Ended up getting 4th. Not bad for the first time?

From there on out here are some results:
2003 Just about all cat 5 races entered: 1st Ind/Ken State RR: 2nd Ohio State RR Championships:2nd Savage Hill Stage Race as cat 3: 1st team TT, 1st RR and 1st overallTeam Dayton Criterium: 1st 2004 Tree City Stage Race TT: 5th RR: 1st Overall GC: 3rd Tour of Ohio: 25th Altoona Cat 2 points race: 2nd stage 1 and 2nd overall GC Indiana Stage Race: 1st ITT 2005 2nd overall in the OhioValley Series 1st Guerneyville RR 2nd Overall @ Solstice 4th Tour De Loveland1st Mason Pur Tour 4th Ohio state Crit Championships, 1st Fallen Leaf RR.

As Chad and the rest of the team have said before, these Masi bikes rock on!! This has to be the best riding bike I’ve ever rode. It just feels really good to ride period. Thanks so much for your support, it is much appreciated. It will be a good year because I think we have a great bunch of guys. Everyone gets along and has a great attitude towards racing and life in general. It will be exciting when we put the HAMMER down!!

Thanks again,

Abe McNutt

So now, later this week, I get to meet all these guys and conduct some one on one interviews and get photos and generally get to know the team. Oh yeah, and ride with them (until my lack of fitness catches up with me and I get to ride in the team car).

Abe et al, looking forward to seein you all Wednesday night!



K said...

Now there is a HOT cyclist!!!!!

Wonder if I can get him to ride something other than the Masi......

super rookie said...

my girlfriend said Abe is even hotter because of his name.

Anonymous said...

Abe is going to get some big wins this year for sure! If anyone is due for a breakout year,this is the guy!

Billy Helfrich said...

Just wanted to say Congratulations to my nephew Abe McNutt, on making the Abercrombie & Fitch Racing Team.
Way to go!
Maybe Abe will be the next Lance?

Ahh, to be young again...
I myself, am just enjoying riding the Excellent Rail Trails in the Miami Valley here in Ohio.
Anyway, Good Luck Abe!