Friday, February 10, 2006


I was three hours late to work today due to a car problem- as in the passenger-side rear wheel nearly falling off after a wheel stud and lug nut failed! ARGH! If I didn't live 40 miles from the office, I'd go back to riding my bike every day.

I know I keep moaning about the workload keeping me from being able to post here more regularly, but it's true- it's busy.

Product development, sales, marketing, administrative stuff... etc. You know, this is beginning to feel like a job.

After last weekend's race, my riding confidence has been improving. I feel better about where I am for this time of year and my legs suddenly don't feel like worthless hunks of poo... funny how a good result can change your perspective on things. I've had a few glimmers of promise this winter, but putting the old "money where the mouth is" always lets you know where you really are. Apparently, I'm not that far from where I want to be. At this rate, track season is going to come too slow...

The A&F/Inferno team is having their second training camp/ unofficial team presentation later this month. I am doing all I can to pull off the victory of victories and get myself to the camp to ride with the team and meet some of the other sponors (and write a good story for a couple magazines/ websites). It's in Rural Hall, North Carolina and I am told by Mark Hekman that the riding is insanely good. You can see why I'm motivated to go...

I do want to thank all of you readers (jeez, there are a lot of you people) for continuing to come here and check in each day. Traffic here has continued to grow, for some odd reason, and I thank you all for putting up with the start and stop nature of things here recently. Once the craziness settles down a little, I hope to be able to be a better blogger. Until then, thank you for your support and all of your comments.



Jeff Rowe said...

40 minutes from Vista?
Masi Gee must live in Disneyland or TiaJuana.
Sorry the Vway let you down, King. You should get a 'burban.

iruntheteam said...

We (A&F CYcling Team) would REALLY love to have this goof ball at our camp. This is the unofficial petition letter and collection for his airfair . . . any takers?