Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weekends are made for riding bikes...

So this weekend Masidaughter and I had a great time together. I spent time working with her on riding her bike- she's got a bike that is actually now too small for her, so I'll need to get cracking there. But I pulled the training wheels off, along with the pedals, and had her using it like a push bike- it's a great way to get a feel for the balance of the bike. She gave it a good try, but it didn't click on the first try today. We'll try again the next weekend she is with me- she said she wants to... and that's promising.

Masidaughter wasn't the only one to get go on a bike ride though... I got a little pedaling action going too!


I hope your weekend brought you as many smiles as mine did.



gianandrea said...

nice to see you back on a bike saddle. g.

jim124c41 said...

Nice to have you back in the saddle again, Masiguy.


Donna T. said...

So, so great to see you back on a bike (with a helmet!!!), Tim! Enjoyed seeing the perma-grin on your face. Just wonderful all around. Congrats!

julian said...


Sara Best said...

So happy to see you riding again Tim!

We ditched the training wheels from my daughter's bike this summer and there's just nothing like watching your kid master their first bike. I almost cried when she finally got it and rode away from me down the sidewalk screaming "look mommy, I'm doing it!!!"

Also I just think about all the fun she and I can have now together riding our bikes.

Good luck with Masidaughter! I'm sure she'll be flying in no time - it's in the genes.

stickboy said...

After following your postings over the last four years, your latest sums it all up. I'm as excited as you are just to see you pedaling. Keep up your spirits, devotion to your brand, family and the road you are still paving daily. Be well!