Thursday, April 02, 2009


Tonight, after taking last night off the bike (because I was finishing a work project), I hopped back onto the rollers. I wasn't out to light things on fire- though I did toss in one hard sprint effort- so I rode at a medium pace. I didn't get started until after 10:00PM anyway, so I was already a bit tired and unmotivated to ride. Still, I pulled myself away from another spreadsheet and drug myself down the stairs with my Speciale Fixed and my rollers. As usual, I set up behind my car in the parking space of my apartment while the Masidaughter was asleep in her bed snoring, grunting, grinding her teeth and twitching like a sleeping puppy. I set up the rollers and pressed "play" on the Shuffle and let the music take me away from the things I needed/ wanted to escape... it was just what I needed. I struggled through the first 30 minutes and thought for sure I'd give up before finishing the second 30 minutes... but the music kept me focused on my legs spinning in circles and my feet remaining light on the pedals. After 1:03:41, I hopped back off the rollers and then rolled around on my corner for a few minutes to cool down. Then I rolled back over to my car and my sweaty rollers and carried everything back inside for the night. Sweat was dripping off of me, the bike and the rollers as I clomped back up the stairs in my carbon soles and spandex. It felt good to "get away" and sink into my leg speed and pedal stroke and trying to match cadence to musical time.

Most nights, my mind and my legs are happy for the high-tempo tunes crammed into my Shuffle, but tonight was a mellower groove to match a mellower mood... and it soothed the savage heart.

(My all-time favorite song ever)

Summer Skin - Death Cab For Cutie Music Video from Louis Wong on Vimeo.


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