Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ever get that feeling...

This week was a week that left me drained and tired from all of the ups and downs. Most weeks are like that of course, but this one was a true "mixed bag".

Returning to racing on the track this week was an obvious highlight for me. Again, words fail to describe the feeling of being well enough to make a return to the oval that I enjoy so much. With my work and travel schedule, it could be the only race I get to do this year on the track, but I made it back- even if just once. That alone stands as an accomplishment that means more to me than I can tell you.

In the space of this week, we also put in an amazing amount of work in a very, very short period of time to create some very exciting new products that will not be what you expect "from a brand like Masi". I am not going to give any further details until something official is ready to be shared, but it's going to be something very cool and something I am personally very excited about and as a company we are collectively excited about. Something of this size never happens over night... except for this time. There's rarely a time when you get to create something from nothing and bring it to life in a matter of days- especially in this industry. Needless to say, it was fun, exciting and very draining to go through such a process in the span of just a few days.

As most of you know, I am a total Social Media geek. It's my thing- outside of cycling- and is something I get exceptionally passionate about. I have consulted on the topic, written on the topic, speak on the topic, participate in forums/ discussions on the topic and participate in the various forms of Social Media. It's something that I believe in both professionally and personally. SM holds so much power and levels the playing field in a way that truly makes my idealistic Pisces heart very happy. This week was full of SM happiness and excitement for me. We, as a company at Haro/ Masi, had our very first company meeting to map out and begin to fully integrate SM strategies for the various brands in the family. I can not begin to tell you how excited that made me- I have been a non-stop cheerleader for SM at the company since I dove headlong into it on March 4th 2005. Taking these first steps with any company is always exciting, but the fact that it is the company I work for makes it even more exciting.

Another, very exciting bit of news on the SM front and one of my proudest moments is that I confirmed this week that I will be speaking in Denver in September at Learn About Web on my return leg coming back from the Expo Cycle show in Montreal. I am over the moon about this chance to speak to the audience of business owners, PR professionals and marketing people wanting to learn more about SM and what it means and can do for them. My thanks has to be given to Craig Sutton, who is the creator of LAW and to Deb Robison, who is a great friend and is working with Craig to pull the event off. Deb and my friend Mack Collier are the ones who really got the ball rolling by recommending me to Craig for the event. On top of it all, since I am traveling back from Montreal, it means I will have my bike with me and I will be able to ride in Denver as well! I will only be in Denver for a couple days, since it is between Expo Cycle and Interbike, but I am hoping to get a ride or two in as well as hopefully see a Masi dealer or two while there. More details coming soon... I promise.

All of this news and excitement, coupled with stress and not feeling well the last few days has left me pretty wiped out. I haven't touched my bike since Wednesday but hopefully will today. Masidaughter and I are planning to ride around the neighborhood this afternoon and spend a little quality time together before we dive into some chores and cleaning, etc. I may or may not be around on the blog for a few more days as I get through some of these chores and life... but I'll be back soon... you know I will.

Here's to hoping you have an exciting and/ or relaxing weekend.



An Bui said...

Tim, I am STOKED that you're coming to LAW Denver in September. I almost didn't hear Craig when he told me - he had to repeat himself! I'm looking forward to the lineup and hearing your story firsthand.

Thanks Craig, Deb and Mack for getting Tim Jackson in the show.

Mack Collier said...

Kickass! LAW just got a lot cooler. Can't wait to see both of you! said...

Tim, would love to chat with you about SM. We could use some advice on improving our site. We would also love to be part of Haro's SM adventure.