Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's done!

The first track race since my crash is now officially "in the done pile".

I can not begin to express what it felt like and still feels like now... it's incredible. Bringing the experience of the crash back full circle is amazingly fulfilling.

I'll have a full report and pictures later... now it's time for a celebratory burrito!


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Mike said...

Congrats. Glad to hear the return race was crash-free!

Jonathan Pait said...

All that riding around in circles seems to have you seeing sideways :-) Congrats. Way to get back on it.

B said...

Congrats! From one broken neck guy to another, RIGHT ON!

Everett said...

Good to see you out last night.

Dan Large said...

Congrats My friend! I was so stoked to see you out there pushing on the pedals in anger! or was that look terror? anyway you looked good! BTW when are they going to get the oxygen content raised at the velodrome? The tobacco and THC content was pretty "High" last night :(

Anonymous said...

My Masi Speciale Sprint welcomes you back to the velodrome!

Tony V.