Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New toys came in today... so now I shamelessly plug the fine folks at Shimano for making a sweet shoe. I admit it, I love them. Got them today and took them for a ride (after pacing around the receiving area waiting for the UPS guy to show up) and I really dig them. I have a super narrow foot and my old Shimano shoes didn't fit nearly as well as these do. Nice deep heel cup and a very comfortable insole and internal fit of the sole. I can't wait to give them some real punishment. They are probably much faster than me actually. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I pounded out 50 Sunday in not time flat on my 2002 Chorus-10 Grand Crit with my new 19 year old employee from the UCONN cycling team. Piacere, e grazie!

jbech said...

do shimano shoes rattle too? or just the components ;-)

Dorothy said...

The shoes only rattle when he prances around the office - which is frequently.

Haggis Man said...

nice shoes.
I hope a house doesn't land on you