Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hey retailers! Yeah, I'm talking to you...

Retailers; I have a question for you, actually a series of questions. There has been a lot of recent discussion about model year introductions becoming earlier and earlier in the year and negatively impacting the retail landscape. The most recent issue of BRaIN covers the topic in the State of Retail section of the issue. What are your thoughts on this issue?

I know that a lot of you read this blog and I get numerous emails each week from many of you, so let me know what you feel about the issue of early model introductions. Is it good for your business or bad? Is it good for the industry as a whole or bad? Do you even care so long as you get product on your floor to sell?

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Consumers; what do think about the issue? Is the push for "latest and greatest" good or bad for you? I've heard complaints from some consumers that they can't find product in stock because the local retailer isn't stocking any of the "current" product because the "new" product will be available in few a months and they don't want to be "stuck" with unwanted "old" products. Is this something you have noticed? Please share your thoughts as well.



Jeff Kerkove said...

From a retail stand point I say introduce ne product in Nov, Dec, and Jan.

Right now, some 2006 bikes are available. Why would someone buy the 2005 sitting on the floor when they can wait 3 days for a 2006 specialorder?

Just my 2 cents

steelrider2 said...

From the consumers standpoint, if I were in the market for a new bike, I'd start shopping in mid-October. I'd ask when the next model year was coming. Then I'd ask what changes are expected. If only minimal changes, I'd probably buy the previous year model because I'd probably get it at a discount, especially if the retailer had a large inventory of previous year bikes.

Cycling is an expensive lifestyle. If you own more than one bike like I do, you try to get as much stuff for the best price.

George said...

Interesting question........... I usually average a new bike every other year and I usually buy them in the dead of winter.

I can get the newest models or sometimes score a killer deal on last years models.

This year I will be getting a full susp. bike, it oughta be fun with all the new stuff coming out:-)

WhiskeyNovember said...

Because different brand introduce their new products and models as early as July and as late as December, almost half the year brings a steady stream of new designs and new ideas. The consumer/bike geek in me loves that. The retailer in me hates it.

The brands I sell release new stuff in late summer, and I often daydream about how nice it would be if all bike manufacturers operated like Moots (and Santa Cruz?), changing things only when they need to be changed.

That said, Trek is making a real effort by carrying forward a very large percentage of their line for '06.

Anonymous said...

as long as road bikes are on the floor by February 1 (tax refund time) in CT whatever you do is OK--
bicyclesouthwindsor says so