Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Press Release; Medion Corp signs distribution agreement with BikeMine.

Darren Zielinski is a buddy of mine in Austin, TX. Darren also happens to be the National Sales Manager for the US operations of Medion Corporation's eLoad and eMend products. On top of that, he is one of the co-sponsors of the A&F/Inferno team, so that makes him family. I met Darren during the A&F/Inferno training camp in February and we've stayed in touch since then.

Darren fired me over a copy of a press release and I thought I'd help out and spread the love... just because I can.

By the way; I used the products while at the camp and I can honestly say that they kick ass!

Press Release 8/01/06

e load™ Heat Endurance and EMEND™ Heat Recovery brands to be distributed by BikeMine.

For the first time ever, Medion Corporation will have their heat formulated brands widely available to the U.S. market. With a mid August launch planned, Bike Mine will be the American distributor for
e load™ Heat Endurance Formula, e mend™ Heat Recovery Formula and Zone Caps™ Electrolyte Sustainer.

“These are the first products to hit the U.S. market which are medically designed to treat and prevent heat related illnesses including cramping, bonking and upset stomach. I am looking forward to working with Bike Mine’s Rick Dyer and his team of professionals as we increase both our brand awareness and distribution,” says Jim McLarnon, Medion Corp’s C.E.O. Darren Zielinski, the company’s recently appointed National Sales Manager for the U.S. Division opines, “The U.S. has never seen the likes of this incredible group of products. They have been long overdue in the market and I am excited to bring this kind of nutritional relief to my fellow athletes.”

E load’s™ Heat Endurance Formula replaces only those nutrients lost through sweating. Using natural ingredients and flavors e load’s™ low acid formula optimizes metabolic response through physiological electrolyte replacement. Fructose free, e load’s™ stomach friendly formula provides optimal carbohydrate levels for maximum performance and helps prevent bonking. Its lactic acid buffering effect reduces muscle burn and aids in recovery. Finally e load’s™ physiological levels of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc offer a superior anti-cramp formula. E mend™ also takes the “nothing artificial” route. It adds ultra filtered whey protein isolate for maximum absorption, as well as buffered Ester© vitamin C to maintain a neutral acid level while giving antioxidant support required for optimum recovery from exercise in the heat. Zone Caps™ Electrolyte Sustainer capsules are used to top off or customize an individual’s need for additional electrolytes. E load™, e mend™ and Zone Caps™ are the nutritional choice for the men’s elite road race team Abercrombie & Fitch.

You can try out these products first hand “in the heat” at this year’s Interbike Outdoor Demo. Staff will be on hand to explain usage and design as well as treat your heat or hangover related illnesses. If you can’t make the Outdoor Demo, the products will be at Bike Mine’s booth #2757 as well as Medion Corporation’s booth #1414 from Wednesday through Friday.

For more information contact Bike Mine at 800-223-3207.


Jeremy Grimm said...

I Love E-Load, E-Mend and Zone caps! I used to have problems until Darren came into A&F's life. I know it is making a BIG difference in my life. Thanks for sponsoring A&F. I am Happy for ya'll but now the competition will be hard!

Donna Tocci said...

It's so great that you help friends spread the word!