Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Congratulations; Christian Parrett!

Dave Parrett is Marketing Manager for Thomson, the makers of stems and seatposts that are truly lustworthy... and a co-sponsor of the A&F/Inferno team that Masi sponsors. Dave's also a darned cool guy who I got to ride with and hang out with during the team training camp in February.

Dave's also a father. A father to a 16 year old son who made it on to the Southeastern Regional junior team. Not only that, but he got to go ride the Tour l'Abitibi in Canada... and he isn't even 17 until December. Dang! On top of that, in his first race ever against a field like this, he finished 64th overall on GC against older riders (up to 18). Impressive... maybe the next great US hope? Only time will tell.

I'd like to take credit for this success since he is riding a Masi that his very, very smart father bought for him (Way to go Dad!). However, I know it is the rider, not the machine... not that a nice bike doesn't help. I am told that pictures will be materializing soon and I promise to post them as soon as I get them.

Anyway, I wanted to finally thank Dave for getting Christian a Masi (since he has access to lots of brands in his position) and wanted to extend a big CONGRATULATIONS to Christian Parrett- a new and upcoming rider on the scene to be looking out for.

So, Christian; congratulations from Masi Bicycles- you done good!


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Fritz said...

My son now says he wants to get into road racing. Maybe a Masi is in his future :-)

Of course during the winter olympics he said he wants to ski in the 2014 Winter Olympics.