Saturday, August 05, 2006

Watch this!

This video comes courtesy of a friend in the blogosphere... and it is amazing!

It isn't often that I am speechless, but this defies any words I can come up with.



steelrider2 said...

Hey Tim,

Welcome to the Jungle!!! I'm gonna have to get these songs on my I-Pod. This is kinda (not really) like our fixed gear rides during the winter here in Jax.


Fritz said...

Don't forget attribution: Lucas Brunelle is the creator if this and other bikey videos.

BlogBob said...

That will wake you up. It brings back the 80's for me when I use to ride in Mpls. for Bicycle Express. Although I had a little more consideration for peds.

James said...

All of the videos on that site are fun to watch, but yikes... not exactly a good example of sharing the road

haggisman said...

finally, Type-O guy has something exciting on his blog...THANK YOU NYC

TiaraSoccer said...

Nice. Not sure if that is more balls than skills or skills than balls. Gotta go. My Mom is calling

Michael Wagner said...

It scared me just to watch.

I kept remembering all the warnings I got walking the streets of Cologne to say off the bike path which seemed like part of the sidewalk to me.

These guys are fearless...or something like that.

Thanks Masi Guy! Good video!

steelrider2 said...

thnaks hagisman

stupid said...

I love those videos. They whoop a cheetahs @$$. Lucas is the man.

As for not being a good example, mabe not. But neither are the pro's who for years refused to wear helmets, break rules, and cheat.