Monday, November 20, 2006

Special sock post for fritz.

Fritz has been complaining that the sock dujour posts have not shown the socks in their natural and intended environment, so I got a special shot today just for him;

Quite possibly the most significant sock ever created by SockGuy. from what I hear, they had a team of engineers working on these socks around the clock until they were done. Using only the finest craftspeople available in the sock world. It really makes sense if you think about it.

Happy Fritz?



Donna Tocci said...

And you got this picture without Nicely done.

gianandrea said...

tim, i would suggest to run a non profit auction of the socks du jour. or what about a book called " socks du jour, fashion for connoisseurs"?

Fritz said...

Ohhh yeah, baby! That's what I'm talking about!

Paterfamilias said...

I'd have to say that the best part about that photo are the killer parts on your bike and feet. The shoes, the pedals, the cranks, and the wheels! I'm assuming that the RD is of the same group!

Thanks Timmy!