Saturday, March 03, 2007

Daily Drive

Hey folks! I know I'm a day late posting a Friday drive on a Saturday... but that's just how it goes.

The drive;

(Yes, I shaved.)

The socks;

Nice classic camo... it's ok to be jealous.

I had a visit from a very special rider from Minnesota; Gilby!

Gilby (her code name) is one of my test/ sponsored riders; she races on a Masi steel Speciale and also races on a Coltello track frame. Gilby raced that frame all the way to US Elite Track Nationals this past year! Needless to say, I'm pretty proud of her and her accomplishments.

Gilby is here this week with her boyfriend and fellow Minnesota racer, Andy Kruse. Gilby and Andy rode to Masi Global World Domination HQ with local blog buddy and fellow rider Nick (on the right).

Seeing as to how Minneapolis just got hammered with a massive "dusting" of snow, I'm sure Andy and Gilby didn't mind the slightly cool weather and the light rain.

Since I didn't get to see Gilby race at track nat's this year, it sure was great to have her come by the HQ and get to meet her now. Thanks guys! (Sorry I gave you bad directions and got you lost... I stink with directions.)


(PS- My thoughts and prayers are with my fellow Alabamans who were recently hit by the severe storms that spawned deadly tornadoes. The town of Enterprise was hit the hardest with 8 high school kids losing their lives when the school was struck by one of the tornadoes. So please join me in wishing these folks a quick recovery from the damage and condolences to the friends and families of those who were injured or killed.)

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andy said...

god I look fat... how much of a bribe will it take for you to airbrush that pic?