Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Daily Drive

Since my picture yesterday has caused a lot of fear about my current frame of mind (did I really look that stressed out?), I tried to smile this morning.

The flash on the new camera is really potent, so I got totally whited out. Still learning how to use this thing... it's way smarter than me. And yes, I know she's far too adorable for words.

The socks are an old favorite of mine... and we have cool socks in stock so go get your local Masi retailer to order you some... RIGHT NOW!

Posting will be light for awhile as I jump on another series of flights and head off to Taipei, Taiwan tomorrow before sunrise. The Taipei show is exciting to me because I have never been before and going now is really cool. Taipei is the launch pad for many of the cool new products we'll see in coming months, as well as a showcase for all things bike. I will try to do a bit of posting from the show- I'll certainly be taking tons of pictures as usual.



Bitch Kittie said...

oooh! I'm wearing those socks in black today! You must be my brother from another mother!
Peace Out

Priscilla said...

Nice socks. Looking forward to your Taipei pics!