Sunday, March 25, 2007

More from Taiwan...

Hello from Taiwan! Today is my last day in Taiwan. Tomorrow morning we head off for another rousing day of "Tim gets his knees thrust under his chin". I'm so glad I'm not any taller than I am.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'll do my best to update with more photos when I get a reliable internet connection. I have had nothing but problems with internet this time. The wireless networks here at the show have been spotty at best and the plug-in line at the hotel has been very slow and has dropped off numerous times as well. Add in the overall fatigue and the posting has been far less often than I hoped.

The show has been really cool. I have seen a lot of products that have been really cool. Lots of photos to share. New products that I can't even mention- I could tell you, but then somebody would be out to break my legs. It is so funny how many times I've been told, "oh yeah, we make the frames for (insert famous European brand name)." Seriously folks... this really is the seat of the cycling world. Your favorite products may be "designed" in the US, Italy, France, Spain, etc, but they are made here in Taiwan or China. Trust me on this one... seriously. This really just highlights my many previous comments that geography has nothing at all to do with quality. Buy what you like- for whatever reason- but don't get hung up on geography... it is irrelevant.

Ok, gotta go wander a little more and see if I can find some more stuff I can't live without (and yes, I have found some). Here's a few more pictures to hold you over...

I can't remember what booth this was... but this was from the first day of the show.

I have no clue what the other 50% is.

If you are a track geek like me, then you'll have a soft spot for the Miche Primato track parts too. It was really nice to see the Miche parts again.

Ok, done for now- this post has required about 12 tries. Since I keep getting dropped... I'm crossing my fingers this will work!


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