Thursday, March 08, 2007

Daily Drive

Another beautiful morning... and the beautiful Masidaughter.

Can you guess who I work for?

Thanks to SockGuy for making the best custom socks around!

Spent the day today with Brian Billington of SRAM... yes SRAM... THAT SRAM. Had a good product discussion, then went for a ride and then went to lunch (yes, our favorite local sushi place again). Sometimes it is really cool to have this job! (Ok, almost all the time... ok, all the time.) Thanks Brian!



Rich said...

You should pull some strings and have em send us those track cranks and barcons/tt brake levers.

Pretty please! :)

Paterfamilias said...
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Paterfamilias said...

I thought that Sushi place was OUR Sushi place...

You cut me deep :(

Cam Beck said...

You look to be feeling better. :)

iruntheteam said...

Please tell me a SRAM Force speced 3VC is on the way for the public!!! We are in love with ours. Thank you MasiGuy and SARM!