Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter y'all. (Or Passover...)

Happy Easter folks!

I know the posting has been light the past few days. Lots going on, as usual- isn't that my generic excuse for every time I don't post for awhile? It's true though... I swear.

Anyway, today is another holiday and holidays tend to have that introspective effect on me. Maybe it's the time I spend with my family or something... probably.

So, in keeping with that process, let me simply wish you all a very happy Easter or Passover... or whatever you celebrate (if you celebrate). These breaks from work always get me thinking about the people I love and care about (including you folks- hence this post). Always take the time to remember the people who are a part of your life- life is far shorter than we all know and precious moments come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and many times we simply don't see them coming. Life can change in the blink of an eye, so cherish life. I'm not promoting the idea of being paranoid and scared... just remember that if you are breathing and have people in your life that make you smile, that you are very lucky indeed. Blessings come in many shapes, colors and sizes... enjoy them.

Thank you all for being a part of this silly thing I call my blog. I value you as part of the tapestry of blessings I have in my life... seriously, I do. Stop laughing at me, already! (Ok, I'm done being mushy.)

(PS- On a bike related note; congratulations to Alessandro Ballan for winning the 91st Tour of Flanders. Ballan outsprinted Leif Hoste- second for the second year in a row- for the win. Tom Boonen was prevented from gaining his third Flanders win... for now. He'll get the thrid win one day though, you can pretty much bet. Sounds like it was a pretty aggressive race and Ballan was simply the strongest on the day. He has confirmed his place among the greats of the sport- nobody wins Flanders on luck alone.)


Its cold here said...

i read this post several times over. Can't say I do that often.

Donna Tocci said...

Nicely said, my friend.