Friday, April 20, 2007

Sea Otter '07- a pictorial essay (Part 1)

Since I didn't actually know where we were going, this was my view for about 8+ hours...

I'm really not very good at looking serious while singing with the radio.

Ain't that Masi just too purdy for words? I mean, DANG, that thing is sweet!

Since we all ride bikes, we had a light lunch. It was yummy... if you have to ask.

Now we all know where he lives! I didn't think it would be this easy to find him...

The hills were covered with wildflowers. It was very pretty.

Driving down the Tejon Pass into the Grapevine... it was so lush and green- for a change.

They grow something like 2/3's of the nation's produce in the Grapevine area... and still find time/ space to drill for oil.

Don't take this exit off the 5 North... I just have a bad feeling about it...

For those who can't grow almonds... there's always oil.

We grow big cabbage out here... (it looked heavy)

Time for sleep... more pics and stupid comments later...


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Fritz said...

Those cabbages are just on the wrong place, like they're hanging there or something.