Monday, April 02, 2007

Special post for a friend; CK

My very dear friend CK, one of the friends I don't speak to often enough, is in the early phases of a terrible and very tragic time in her life- the death of her mother ("Momma").

CK's mother left too soon- too soon for CK and her sister, that is for sure. Her loss will be felt by those who have been touched by the generosity and warmth that CK has for so many people. By extension, we'll all miss Momma.

CK is one of the best and brightest marketing bloggers around, as well as a fantastic person and friend. She does lots of great things for the community of bloggers and gives so much without thought of compensation. She's a true gem and friend.

Please join me in wishing CK and her family the very best during this very, very trying time in their lives. I know that the words "God moves in mysterious ways" are very shallow comfort during this time, but one has to hope and believe that there is some reason for this loss of somebody who is so loved.

CK, my friend, my thoughts, prayers and love are with you and your family. I pray for Momma's peace and that she knows just how loved she is and how great a person you are.



Anonymous said...

God does move in mysterious ways but He is the great healer and comforter as well. He heals out spirit and provides comfort in the midst of every storm.

Drew McLellan said...


I know that CK's momma is smiling down from heaven -- watching the love and support that is pouring over CK and her sister. That southern momma is nodding her said and saying "you reap what you sow, girls."

And if there was ever a blogger who sowed goodness and love -- it's CK.

It'sjust our time to let her reap a little for a change.


Fritz said...

The sudden news of tragedy is a tough thing, especially when you're also called on to make important decisions as well as all the little annoying things (arranging travel in the midst of grief!) My condolences to Christina and her sister during this time.

mindblob said...

Thank you. I'm sure CK will feel all the thoughts, love and prayers sent to her. She deserves it, we know it...