Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tour de France- Stage 10

Sacre bleu! A French rider wins the stage today and a second French rider ends up in second place... in the Tour DAY France! What is this world coming to?

Cedric Vasseur wins the stage and Sandy Casar takes second on the stage today, after a very long break away. My main pick for the stage win, Jens Voigt, was apparently reading this blog and followed my advice and went out for the win today, but was sadly foiled in the end by the two French riders. However, I have a feeling that Jens will be back at it again at some point... I just have a feeling.

Tomorrow's stage is about as flat as you can get without going to Kansas. I mean, one cat 4 climb and then it's all flat and fast. Did somebody say Sprinter's Delight? Yes, yes they did. Since the Kittie hasn't posted her picks and I was closest to having a rider score points today... I'm making my picks for tomorrow now; Boonen and Hushovd. May the wind be at your backs boys!

Oh yeah, Rasmussen stays in yellow for another day or so- no more time trials until Saturday (stage 13), so he has a couple days in yellow left. Valverde's looking better and better all the time.



blue squirrel said...

i think you overlooked tomorrows winner, that being eisel...

Donna T. said...

Thor. All Thor. Did you see that Saul Raisin is at the Tour now? (how exciting is that?!) He seems to be a good motivator for Thor..
NO, I'm not looking at today's stage or any results until I can watch Bobke tonight!

blue squirrel said...

boy was i off the mark today, but a great win by hunter [fits into my analyses was spot on]. feel bad for moreau, but thats bike racing boy.