Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back to the island...

Tomorrow morning is coming fast and furious and I am heading back to the island nation of Taiwan for the Taipei Cycle Show again. Last year was my first time to the show and I had a great time seeing so much of the world's cycling industry on display. Going to a tradeshow as a buyer, versus a seller, is always a nice switch. Plus, after all my recent visits to Taiwan, I have a few great new friends that I always sincerely enjoy seeing.

This weekend was a spastic blend of activity and errands and the usual "etcetera". My daughter stayed with her mother Friday night and Saturday morning, so I was able to get out for a nice ride on Saturday... even though my legs were totally useless. All the missed rides lately have taken a toll on the legs that were beginning to come back around. Still, it was great to get out and ride.

Saturday evening, The Princess and I went to my sister's house to babysit my nephew overnight. This morning and afternoon, the three of us waded through the day in a nice lazy way, enjoying the beautiful weather we've been blessed with the past few days. My sister and brother-in-law returned later in the afternoon and then Masidaughter and I headed home. She went back to her mother's and then I ran out to get a quick haircut before heading off to the tradeshow and innumerable meetings and dinners.

Once the haircut chore was done, I was home and getting into my riding kit and headed off for a nice ride on my Speciale Fixed before the sun could set on the day- thank goodness for Daylight Savings Time! I rode my usual sprint workout loop down on the bay- the sunset was spectacular and the weather was ideal. It was a great ride and a great end to the weekend.

After the ride, I came back home to finish laundry and packing. I also grilled up some yummy fish, along with some black eyed peas (I am a Southern boy after all).

All things considered, I guess I'd have to say it was a good weekend. Now comes the hard part- a long flight with my knees thrust up under my chin and the eternal battle of good and evil (and possession of the arm rest).

As always, I'll do my best to get some blogging done- along with some podcasting and maybe even a bit of video. Whenever possible, I'll do my best to get photos too... as always.

Ok, gotta run and get a little sleep before the day kicks off and the miles tick by.

Stay beautiful.



Donna T. said...

Safe travels and have a great time!

blue squirrel said...

i can't believe you did not invite me over for black eye'd peas. my question is, is lard part of a special sprinter diet? or did you modernize [hack] it and use olive oil?

> the U23 guys LOVE their new team purple people eater gran crits. so far the ritchey stock wheels are a hit.

take care and have a great trip [say high to everyone for me]
- masibestfriend

Kk said...

Have a really great time on 'Bali Hai'. Freak out with your geek out!

Looking forward to the day when you can go first class and give your knees some room!