Friday, March 21, 2008

Taipei Cycle Show 2008- a few friends.

Our geeky bike nerd reporter carried his camera with him all the time, everywhere he went. Sadly, for some folks, that means he took lots of pictures- a few of them were even in focus. He's no Helmut Newton, but the little (big) dork tries.

So we've done the parts pictures and some other random images from the first day, etc, so now it is time for the people of Taipei Cycle Show... at the least the few people who were unfortunate enough to stumble in front of my camera lens.

Names have not been changed to protect the innocent (or the guilty for that matter)...

(John Webber, Pat Crosby, Joe Hank... I mean Hawk... and Wayne- Fuzzy- Doran.)

The lines for the hotel shuttle buses were very long on the first night of the show... so in our great wisdom, we decided to go walking to a spot where we thought we could find a taxi easier and faster. About 48 hours and 100 miles later, we did find a couple taxis to take us to dinner with a friend of ours.

Our friend... Kendall- Short Bus- Young of Ritchey Components. He's a lot smarter than he looks here... no really, I swear he is.

The happiest Brand Manager in all of Taiwan...

... and with good reason.

A bunch of guys with big steaks and one guy (of questionable manhood) with lasagna- Maris Adamovics (Ritchey Taiwan), Kendall- "I like beef"- Young, Pat- "my wife thinks I'm cool"- Crosby, Wayne- Bearded Lady- Doran, John- "snoring chainsaw"- Webber, Joe- "I'm not signing that expense report"- Hawk and Masiguy.

Meet Matt McClendon, our good buddy from Kenda Tires. Though his Wii form might be a little odd, he's a great guy... I promise.

On my last day in Taiwan, the last day of the show, there was an amazing political rally/ parade. Thousands and thousands of people filled the street and carried signs and waved flags, chanting political slogans. It was 100% unlike anything I've ever experienced in the US. It was moving- I had goose bumps and even got teary-eyed a few times. The people were so amazingly passionate about their political experience. People came up to me to shake my hand and say "Taiwan #1" and then moved on or told me all about their political views- some even did so in English. I stood there in awe as I watched the throngs of people marching by- men, women, young, old, children... it was amazing. Taiwan has a precarious and tenuous relationship with China- China claims Taiwan as part of China- and Taiwan wants to remain (essentially) independent. It has created some incredibly high tensions between the two and the rest of the world is watching very nervously. All I can say is that I hope the two work it all out without a single shot ever having to be fired. I've never been to China, so I can't make claims about the country or people, but I have been to Taiwan several times now and have some very close relationships there and have a great fondness for the people and the country. It is my sincere hope that this political process yields a strong leader for the country and that this new leader can work well with the leaders in China to secure an enduring peace between the two.

Even the dogs get into the process in Taiwan!

That's all for tonight...


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