Monday, March 03, 2008


Sales Meeting is done! I'm still here. Lots to talk about... when I catch my breath again.

I'll be back tomorrow with a meatier post, complete with pictures, so just hang on a little longer.

You KNOW I love you all and will be back. Promise.



Donna T. said...

Good to see that you've come up for air! Nice to have you back. Hope everyone loved your new catalog and presentation.

unotache said...

...first time commenter, long time reader. Love it!

remember, "fixies are the new rollerblades"

Fritz said...

We lurv you too Tim.

Not rollerblades but the comment reminded me of that video.

Marco Aledia said...

we missed ya at camp! I put a nice pic of our new team ride with the nice big Masi logo on it up on my blog.. hope ya like! thanks for everything and see ya soon! marco