Saturday, March 15, 2008

Busy in Taiwan...

Sorry for the lack of posts and pics- it's been a very busy show this year and I've been unable to connect to the inter-web-net-thing I've been reading so much about (I hear it might catch on).

As soon as I get the chance to sit down and do a bit of writing and downloading of pics, I'll get you updated.

The new convention center here in Taipei is awesome. I have a few pics and will post them once I can. This show is the first in the building- the paint is still wet and it still smells of wet cement. The president of Taiwan was here to open the show and present the center to the press. It's pretty cool. If you dig modern architecture, Asia is the place to go. Lots of great design here.

Ok, back at it again.


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Fritz said...

It's tomorrow in Taiwan, which means -- it's your birthday! Happy Birthday to you, Tim.