Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A little more love...

Nearly a month ago, I got a totally unexpected package in the mail with the following;Since it is hard to read here;
Hey Tim,

Here is a little extra motivation for losing that "winter weight", an XL T-shirt.

When you lose that 20lbs, we'll send you a large JERSEY.

Keep up the fight (because we are in the same battle).

Thanks for all that you do,


Well, I'm not quite to that 20lb mark- though as of tonight, after another good roller workout, I am down to 209.2lbs- I am losing weight and feeling fitter and stronger all the time. Not actually feeling FIT or STRONG yet, but closer to each all the time.

I've still got a bit of work to do, but the finish line is a helluva lot closer now than it was a month ago. Just about 5lbs left to reach my pre-crash weight of 205... though nowhere near the same fitness level.

Bryan and the guys at Renaissance Bicycles run a pretty sweet operation taking "vintage" frames and marrying them to modern components to create neo-classical rides. They've got a few sweet beauties worthy of your slobber... so go get your bib and then check out their site. Better yet, stop in the shop and say howdy.

Thanks again Bryan and Renaissance!


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Anonymous said...

And we literally have a new jersey with you name on it. Just let us know when you hit the lucky number!

Thanks again for maintaining our motivation this winter.