Sunday, February 08, 2009

Manager's Camp 2009

This last week I was in Boulder City, NV for the Manager's Camp put on by our friends at Sun & Ski Sports. Just like last year, we went to Boulder City to educate the store managers and key personnel on the Masi (and Haro) lines and to get the chance to answer questions and go for some rides! This year, unlike last year, the weather was much more accommodating- relatively warm, beautiful blue skies and only one day with heavy winds. Last year it was freezing cold and very windy, so this was a welcome change!

Jill Hamilton during her presentation of the Haro MTB line.

The demo truck and trailer- time to set up before the riders show up.

And there they are! Picking over the fleet of Haro and Masi bikes, plus the offerings from Marin, Scott and Look.

My ride group on the first day at the lookout over the dam, from the Arizona side.

Riding back from the dam and back to the demo area. Notice the smiling face of Michael Beach of the San Antonio store; super nice guy with a ton of enthusiasm for the Masi brand... and the happy owner of a 3VC Ultegra, I might add!

Just like last year, we had a day of indoor presentations and then we moved outside for some bike riding. The terrain in Boulder City, around Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, is pretty hilly with some great views around the lake and dam. It's a beautiful place to ride a bike, even with all the road work going on as you head to and from the dam. There is a bike path that goes along the lake and back to Boulder City that is nearly completed and is an incredible ride. The terrain of the path varies from gentle rollers, easy flat sections and leg-busting steep climbs- it's got a little bit of everything.

Our first ride was just minutes before sunset on Monday evening after driving 6+ hours to get to Boulder City... but we just HAD to ride!

Jill and James cruising along the really great bike path in the dessert- it's just a ribbon of asphalt that winds through the dessert and is a real blast to ride.

The view of the Hoover Dam from the Arizona lookout. Such an impressive piece of man made architecture.

Jill and James on our "epic" ride Wednesday morning on the bike path along the lake.

FYI- They have poo.

All in all, it was a great trip and we were happy to be asked again to participate in the event. I always enjoy getting to spend valuable time with our customers... and the best times are when riding bikes!

(more pics to come)


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ridgeandjenny said...

I wish there were more events closer to where I live down here. Its lots of fun to ogle new stuff, yet remember why you love your own bikes. You need to do a post about the merits of Sram Rival on a steel Masi (for my own selfish purposes that is). I need to upgrade! It was always great to see brand managers and reps at the shops I worked at. Its good to stay educated.