Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Travelin' man...

Hopping on a redeye flight tonight for Columbus, Ohio with a short layover in Chicago for a couple hours. Once in Columbus, I'll be joining forces with my friend Stefano Lumbaca of Kenda Tires. Since Kenda is the title sponsor of the pro team we also sponsor, Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy, Stefano and I will be making the drive from Columbus to Greenville, South Carolina for the team's training camp and media launch. Oh yes... I will have my bike with me!

I'll also be traveling with some cameras, my iPhone and an HD video camera, so there will hopefully be plenty of great images and interviews coming from the camp... as well as possible footage of me way off the back on the team training rides. WAY off the back. (Thank God the bikes look so good from behind.)

So, I might be a little invisible for a few days, since I don't know what the internet situation will be like in Greenville... but I do know that we will be staying at George Hincapie's resort/ residential community, so it can't exactly be all bad.

Stay tuned for updates and news along the way. Should be pretty good!



soapbox said...

Have a great time. I'm just a couple hours away in Cincinnati. Get some great pictures to share your trip with us.

jquaglia said...

How long are you going to be in Columbus?

I have plenty of good watering hole recommendations, and would love to catch a beer if you're here for a night or two.

rsimpson said...

Masiguy is making it to my town! Dress warm, brother, it's 29 degrees tonight, although tomorrow is gonna be a heat wave, 50. Kenda is great, they sponsor my club, Buckeye Cycling. Enjoy your brief stay in C-bus, and have safe travels to Greenville and back home!


Darren Zielinski said...

Have fun and say hi to the guys for me. Cheers!