Saturday, May 08, 2010

Where did we leave off?

I'm not dead. Katie is not dead. Lily is not dead. Ann is not dead. We're all alive and well- even if we're not exactly sleeping the way we used to. Things have been beyond uber busy with work and life has been even busier than work. Needless to say, I have a few reasonably decent excuses for the total drop off in posts here. It's funny- I lose sight of how many people read this silly thing until I have a gap in posts and then get emails and phone calls asking if things are ok and wondering what's happening. I am more than a little thankful for the community of friends and family I have- I promise.

Tons has happened since the last time I was here... and I don't even know where to start...
  • Ann received confirmation from the US Customs and Immigration Services that her application for residency has been received and there are no problems! She's got an appointment to have her "biometrics" recorded later this month... finger prints and picture. It might not sound like much, but it's a huge step toward her being able to come and go between here and Taiwan again without fear of her visa expiring, etc. She'll now be able to get a driver's license and look for work when she is ready again. This is very significant to us and the letter sits prominently on our kitchen table, as if it were an accpetance letter from Harvard or Stanford.
  • On March 4th- even before this recent break in posting- this ragged old blog had it's 5th birthday and I didn't even say anything. Dang.
  • I've returned to racing on the track for this season, after April 29th marked the 2 year "anniversary" since my crash. I did my first race this year on the very bike I crashed- it has a small dent in the top tube, but is otherwise straight as an arrow. I had to replace the wheels, saddle and bars... but it is otherwise the same bike. I have to admit, on top of feeling better than I feared I would, it felt really good to wipe away the demons of the crash on that bike- since it had been the maiden voyage for that bike. I didn't win any of the races, but I got a chance to finally really give that frame a fork a really good shake down... better late than never.
  • Lily, though not a fan of letting her mother and I sleep, is doing great. She's healthy, gaining weight, getting taller and is generally an amazing baby. Katie is still super excited about being a big sister and is still one of the many amazing blessings in my life. Lily is an amazing gift and I can't wait to get to know her, but Katie is already one of the best little people I've ever met and is a great buddy.
  • Work has been unreal. Masi is doing great and remains something that I am supremely proud to be "in charge of". We've been working hard to create some incredible bikes for the next round of product. I can't wait to see and hear the feedback. So many cool things are cooking... stuff I don't wanna give away yet. I'm obviously very passionate about the bikes we produce and am an enthusiastic cheerleader, but man... this next batch of bikes is insanely cool. On top of the bikes, the new Brev M parts line is really taking off as well. It's amazing to see this stuff taking off when less than a year ago it was all just a concept. Believe me, it's truly crazy how fast things have gone.
  • Ann has been amazingly supportive of all that has been happening and is a fantastic partner. Even with the baby keeping her awake for what seems like days at a time, she still "forces" me out the door each day when I come home for work to go for a ride, if I didn't have one during the day at work. She shoves me out the door on the weekends as well and pushes me to keep racing too. She knows how much riding means to me and how it keeps me slightly more focused. As an athlete herself, as well as being from the bike industry, she is uniquely qualified to possess that understanding. I am blessed.
  • Ann's mom was with us here from March 22nd until April 29th. She was a big help for us transitioning from hospital to home. I pretty much lost control of my kitchen... which I am fine with! It was great to have so many wonderful meals cooked for us all the time, but it was also a lot of fun to cook for her and see her enjoy it. While she was here, we got her "hooked" on grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. It was a difficult day for us when we took her to LAX for her return trip to Taiwan. She was ready to go home, in her own way, but we are sad to see her leave and she was sad to leave her daughter and grandaughter behind.
  • Shut Up and Drink the Kool-Aid is going to come back, I promise... eventually. After making the call for contributors in October, I left it all to sit and ferment again when things went totally sideways... again. I really, really want to bring this project back full strength and hope to have the same potential contributors interested in joining my little band of merry men/ whacky women. I miss the dialog and interaction of the blog, so it's something I really want to bring back to life and add the new voices to as well. I think there is still a lot that can be said about the industry and a lot of insight that would come from the various folks who have expressed an interest in participating. I believe good dialog is something that will help the industry further- and I want to be a part of that still.

There's so many things I am forgetting. I am so brain dead it is impossible for me to remember all the many things that have been happening or are about to. But I wanted to at least recap a few and try to establish a new starting point so I can attempt to get back to more regular blogging again. I miss it here, even though I spend a ton of time on Twitter and Facebook too... so check me out there if you need to keep updated more frequently.

I'll be back... promise.


Monday, May 03, 2010

Hello... is this thing on?

I'm not dead, we're all healthy here and California is still a state/
republic. A- been mega/ super/ uber busy and 2- new baby and all
that... so... you know.

I will be back with new blog posts soon and hopefully even tonight (or
at least this week).

Love you, kisses, see you later...


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