Monday, November 15, 2010

Ok, ok, ok...

I know- I really stink at updating this thing. Damned Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr have made it too easy for me to not post here while still having lots of other simultaneous conversations. Well... that and having a new 7 month old daughter and working a lot and currently being very sick.

Yep... sick. Turns out that I now have what is most likely Whooping Cough (aka Pertussis). Just got the diagnosis last Friday. Fortunately, Lily had a pediatrician visit on Monday and has a clean bill of health. So, my doc has me on antibiotics as well as gave me a vaccination (which still hurts) for whooping cough and another for the seasonal flu. Also turns out, that either from the illness or from other causes, I now appear to also have exercise induced asthma and now have to use an Albuterol inhaler! I'm still getting used to using the inhaler- sorta- and learning how to ride again. The first time I rode after using it- Saturday- I felt pretty dizzy and lightheaded on the bike for the first few miles. I've gotten a little better and try not to use it right before I ride, which seems to help, but I'm still coughing A LOT when I ride and having coughing bouts where I nearly pass out because I can't breathe. Which is fun... lemme tell ya...

And, as if all that wasn't enough fun for one bike nerd to deal with, my bloodwork came back today and my cholesterol is too high again (which I knew) and I am now going back onto the medications to keep it in check. Given my family's history of high blood pressure and cholesterol- and death from heart attacks- it's in my best interest to take the medications... especially since I am too lazy and too stubborn to really watch my diet.

The week after Thanksgiving, I'm back on the road- off to the Philly/ Pittsburgh/ Albany/ Buffalo area for about 4 days of travel with my sales rep out there. I'm actually looking forward to seeing some winter weather- since I get to leave and come back to SoCal- and visiting shops in an area I haven't been in for years.

When I'm not in my deathbed, I've been trying to ride as much as my body will allow... which isn't much. It really sucks because I've been itching to have a good winter of training and came out of the race season with some good fitness (for me)... and now it's all on "pause" while I try to recover from this respiratory issue.

Very soon, I'm gonna be working on another video project for work covering the new Evoluzione carbon bikes we're doing. The bikes are amazing and the video project will be a basic educational piece highlighting why they are so great- and it should also be a bit of fun, among all the stress... if I can get well enough to be able to be on camera talking without coughing until unconsciousness!

Family is doing great; Ann is healthy and adjusting to life in the US. She is likely going to head to Taiwan with Lily and my mother soon- maybe not until January/ February and probably stay for a month or two visiting family. We're also looking at renting her condo in Taichung- we don't want to sell it and we're even torn on renting, since we both stay there when we're in Taiwan. Katie, Masidaughter 1.0, is an amazing child too. I am just so thrilled to be her father. She impresses and amazes me all the time. She's so smart and just a great child. Her older brother is now 18 and in college... and it just blows me away. I love that young man and am very proud of who he is becoming. I haven't had much time with him since the divorce, so each time I get to see him and talk to him is wonderful. He's a great boy... man... and I'm very proud of him.

I promise I'm gonna keep coming back to this thing... even if very infrequently. I thank each and every person who continues to come by here. Maybe I'll eventually get back into a rhythm... maybe.