Friday, April 15, 2005

Beer braze-ons... (in reply to comment posted to track frame photo)

Ah yes, a beer braze-on for the track frame. That sounds awfully nice. Sort of like the old Hand Job braze-on on the Ibis bikes several years ago. Those things were fantastic. They turned them into bottle openers and I still have mine.

I spent the morning proof reading the content of the 2005 website. It should be all done early next week and then you can finally see pictures and spec info for all of the new bikes. I know it's a bit late coming, but it is almost done now anyway.

POP QUIZ; The first person to tell me the winner of the 1980 Tour de France and what the translation of his last name means, gets a pair of Masi socks and a water bottle. Results will be posted here!

No racing for me this weekend. Some time with the family at Disney Land and a nice ride on Sunday. I hope you have a good weekend and I might even post again before Monday.


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Jeff Kerkove said...

How about Joop Zoetemelk. His name means Sweet Milk