Monday, April 11, 2005

Fun in the sun!

Ah. The sun and fun of a bike swap meet. Elbow deep in boxes of greasy, pitted bottom brackets, frames with only one rear dropout and the occasional Campy Super Record high flange track hub in near-mint condition for $20.00 without the axle nuts. Jewels in the rough, each and every one! If I wasn't a redneck before the swap, I sure am now. A little sunscreen goes a long way, but no sunscreen insures a nice pink fire burning your skin. You'd think that somebody who is used to being in the sun would remember to put a little sunscreen on. When I turned out the lights to go to bed last night, the room was still well lit from the glow of my neck.

Not picking on anybody, but it always kills me when you have a product you are selling for less than half of retail and you have to have the conversation with somebody about why you won't sell it to them for 35 cents. "Dude, this thing retails for $1700.00. I sell it to you for $15.00 and I won't even recoup the cost of paint!" My people are a strange breed.


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yo said...

one thing learned is that consumers think that price is (always higher than) value, not vice-versa like it is in reality with monster deals. that is, whatever you are asking is always on the high side, regardless of what the actual value of something really is. hence, i no longer buy blowouts to resell, because no matter how low the price is, people think that the value is actually always lower than the price. obviously, with "goodbuys" the value far exceeds the pricing. good luck explaining that to the average customer.