Friday, April 08, 2005

It's Friday!

Ok, I won't brag about the weather here today, just for all you folks not in Southern California. However... I will go so far as to say it was a gorgeous freakin' day today. Warm sun and a cool coastal breeze. Almost paradise. Well, really, really close to paradise actually. Truly, a fantastic day.

This week has been so very busy and I was out half of the day for three days this week, due to my daughter having an ear infection and my wife and I splitting nurse duty. That has meant that I have been riding less too. It's one thing to keep me away from my work, but to keep me off my bike... that is when it hurts.

The 2005 Masi website is almost complete and should be up in about a week. Then you can all see how purdy them bikes is. The '05 bikes are gorgeous and I think you'll agree when you see them. (Buy Masi, buy Masi, buy Masi.)

So maybe you'll hear from me this weekend. Maybe you won't. Either way, have a great weekend.


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