Thursday, April 14, 2005

The weather is too nice today...

Not that I haven't been getting my work done today (I swear boss), but I have been feeling rather useless at times today. The weather is just too nice to be inside a building... working. I have been scratching my head to find a way to go for a ride (another ride) today. I am expecting a few prototype frames in the very near future and they will need to be ridden. Ridden for hours and hours preferably. I just might have to head for the local mountains and climb for a few hours. I hate climbing, so would you if you weighed 210 pounds, but I love to ride. The roads are calling me!

The warehouse has been filling up with new bikes and it is a sight I dearly love to see. Now, I can't wait to see them going on a truck and heading out to retailers. Fortunately, lots of the bikes are already sold and just waiting to be shipped. Demand has been great and now they are heading out into the world to be ridden.

I wish I was on a ride right now.


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