Sunday, April 24, 2005

Family time.

It'd probably be cooler to say I got lots of miles in or that I spent the weekend racing onto a podium, but reality is that I spent the weekend with my wife and kids, loafing around and doing chores. No rides. Not even one. The bike stayed where it rested all weekend long.

I thought of breaking out the trailer and dragging my daughter around for a while so I could get some miles in, just a little saddle time. Instead, we ran around doing the mundane things that make up the bulk of family life. The sort of things that do not show up on the "Have a Family" brochures.

Can't say I'd trade it for anything though; my daughter is almost 4 now and really developing a personality and her own sense of humor, my son is almost a teenager now and is rapidly approaching a manhood I just didn't see coming this soon and my wife is the best friend I've ever had. Mushy stuff, I know, but I like it when I have these little weekends of revelation. Those times when the kids are spilling crap all over the backseat of the car and the noise is deafening, but yet you still find yourself smiling like a moron. It was one of those weekends.

Monday begins a new week of lunchtime training rides and some earnest preparation for upcoming races. This weekend just belonged to family- I think I did pretty good for myself.



haggis guy said...

Can I get a copy of this "Have a family" brochure you speak of? Or do I have to order it from that government info address in PUEBLO, CO?

Kids spilling crap in the backseat?
... I better break the news to the wife, either no kids or we use her car exclusively

Paterfamilias said...

I joined you on the family weekend. However I spent it building the largest swingset in the world. I bought it from SAM's club, so you can imagine the portion sizes they sell there. Any who, I spent 11 hours building, and I'm only 3/4's of the way finished.

ashwinearl said...

Well said!