Monday, June 06, 2005

As promised, the complete bike;

Ok, before anybody starts a bloodletting...

Here are some things I already know, so you don't have to point them out to me;
1) I know the chain is too long and the wheel is just barely in the dropouts. It is the same chain that was on the "other" bike and I have not cut a link out yet.
2) Yes, I ride/ race clipless pedals on the track. Clips and straps are great, just not my gig. I don't like the ones that have the locking lever so you can't pull out of the pedal- I like to be able to get away from the bike in a fall. Regular clips and straps also hurt my ultra-narrow foot because I have to cinch them down super tight to stay in the pedal. So there.
3) Yes, these wheels are also clinchers. The price was right for them, so I bought them 10 years ago for a song and a dance. If you could see me dance, you'd understand just how cheap they were. I have sew-ups as well, but they are standard wheels. Our track is flat enough that clinchers work just fine. Since the bulk of my racing is on our track, I can live with the clincher ride.
4) I know the red of the saddle does not match the red of the frame. Hey, it's a great saddle for the track so I don't have any desire to get rid of it.

Now on to the bike itself. So far all I can say is that the frame rides great in the parking lot and up and down our street. The fit feels superb for me. I acknowledge that it won't be for everybody, but it is great for me. The back end of the bike is as stiff as I thought it would be. Those square chainstays and beefy seat stays keep the back end going forward and not flexing. Still, this is just riding around the office so far. Tomorrow night will be the trial by fire that I have been waiting for.

See, I kept my promise and put pictures up before the end of Monday. I can't wait to light this baby up tomorrow night!



haggisman said...

Your feet are narrow and petit because you were raised by a band of ancient Japanese Samurai who believed in foot binding and they thought you'd make a cute girl...boy were they wrong!

Anonymous said...

i dunno.. he does have this girly strut to him....