Friday, June 03, 2005


Ok, so I'm finally getting my breath back after building up that gorgeous new frame with the parts off my "other" track bike. I can't wait to put that baby on the track Tuesday night and push it through some turns and swing up track and back down for the final sprint for the line... I'm sweating again. Have I mentioned that I really like track racing? Anyway, I will have pictures of the completed bike for you to see on Monday. I had to leave early today for my daughter's preschool graduation (too cute and funny to even begin to illustrate for you) and finished the build just before leaving. That means you have to wait a couple more days to see the entire bike.

As for comments posted to the photos;
1) Yes, it is glare in the picture of the frame... Mr/Mrs Dirty Mind!
2) I hope you do get to see the frame at the track soon. How's Tuesday work for you?
3) Price for this beauty is still TBD, as this is the first sample and I have to test it first, a final decision has not been made and pricing is therefore not finalized. However, less than a grand for the frame and carbon fork is the plan.
4) I have more bikes than I can ride in a week, but not nearly enough. Currently my bikes all live at work and in the back of my car... but I should probably just build a Tuff Shed. Maybe a bike rack on the wall in front of my desk would be better. At least that way I can stare at them all day while I work.

More cool stuff to follow soon...

"News" of sorts;
Bicycle Retailer and Industry News is running an editorial I wrote in the June 15th issue, along with an article they recently wrote about bloggers in the bike industry. I have also been corresponding with the folks in Australia, with Bicycling Australia (the largest cycling mag in the country), about a possible article in their magazine about Masi past and present. Many thanks to our friends and distributors in Australia- Pacific Brands. Business Week Online is interested in some follow-up to our discussion of a few weeks ago as well. All in all, things are picking up and Masi is getting some good new exposure. Here's to even more good press in the coming weeks, months and years!


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