Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tour de France 2005

So I would try to say that this was all my own idea, but it wasn't. It actually came to me via Bicycle South Windsor shop owner and blog-follower Pete DiPietro (thanks Pete).

I was planning to offer a little commentary now and again during the Tour de France, but I will instead be giving a stage by stage recap of the day's events. Since I do have a "real job", these installments may come several hours after you have the chance to read about the stage on other websites, but those sites won't have my personal interpretation of events. I promise to limit the number of times I state "he would've won that stage if he was riding a Masi".

Now you have yet another reason to tune in here for all the news that is fit to read!



Anonymous said...

OK, I know Kirsten Gum and you're no Kirsten Gum.....especially with that new CFM hair do and low cut blouse

Anonymous said...

ah, the true successor to Phil Ligget!

heidi jax said...

will you do my ad copy?
i don't have your e here:
please send me:

love the shot in Bicycle Retailer!