Sunday, June 12, 2005

Kilo and 500M revisited.

I am still in total amazement by the potential actions of the UCI to allow the removal of the Kilo and 500M from Olympic competition. Personally, I hate the Kilo because it is just too damned hard an event for me. I have immense respect for those who can do the Kilo well and respect anybody willing to dedicate themselves to the event, whether they are any good at it or not.

The Kilo and women's 500M (women do not compete in the Kilo) are two of the greatest events in all of cycling. Absolutely nothing can go wrong in either event. At the Olympics or Worlds, if you make any little mistake, you have probably lost your one shot. Where else in cycling do you find such an amazing display of 100% effort in such an intense and short event? I do Kilo now and again, to test myself, but I have never been able to convince myself to really work on it because I know how hard it is.

How the UCI and IOC can agree to remove these two events is so amazingly baffling to me. As mentioned in the post below, there is an online petition to have the events reinstated- please take the time to cast your "vote" of support and bring these events back from a sure death. Yesterday, I was the 9th person to sign the petition and as I type this post, the current number of signatures is 2365! Join in and save our sport!

Here's the link to the petition again; Don't let track cycling die!

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Carlton Reid said...

Great to have your support, Tim.

It's now on 3120. I shall be closing the petition next Tuesday, giving time for the weekly print mags to mention the URL.

Others signers include Phil Liggett, Anna Meares, Chris Hoy, Tho Bos, Ben and Josh Kersten, and Johnny Bairos. I'm now trying to get industry figureheads to sign, including Giant's Tony Lo, Trek's John Burke, and the world's Lance Armstrong. I'd also love to get a sig and a quote from BMXer/trackie Jamie Staff.