Friday, June 24, 2005

Throwing a friend a bone.

Ok, you may have read here before that I was a contributor to a magazine called iheartbikes (site will be updated soon, so come back again). You may have also read me whining about its demise and the hope that it would come back... well, it's going to come back with some help. Please visit this site and buy a few of these cool toys.

This was a wonderful magazine and not just because I know the guy who owns it and got to be a contributor. If you just like bikes because they are cool and fun to ride and maybe bring a little joy to your life, then please support its return to the market place. The creator of the magazine is a good friend of mine and is raising the funds to bring his passion for bikes back to the public. He assures me that he is even going to begin a blog to share the process of revitalizing the mag. It should be a good read as he relaunches.

Please support this magazine coming back because we need more magazines like it; let's remember why we ride these silly things in the first place- because we love bikes.


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