Saturday, September 23, 2006

Almost there; Vegas and Road Demo

Thank goodness we're almost there now! This week has been such a stressful nightmare and almost exclusively due to my own mistakes; poor planning, poor organization and regular old procrastination. Sure, there were a few things out of my control, but the bulk of the stress was a self-inflicted wound. However, thanks to the help of friends (many of them I might add), it has all come together and I am very confident that no matter what mistakes are still going to happen, this will be a fantastic Interbike. I can't wait to get to Vegas and get this show underway.
When was the last time you had 5 cyclocross bikes and wheels in the back of your car?

Thanks to my friends at Black Mountain Bicycles (Matt Falon and Rick "Didn't get your last name"), the demo cross bikes were completed late in the evening Thursday night. It's amazing what can get done with a little beer and pizza! Guys- as I said repeatedly at the shop; thanks for bailing my butt out with such very short notice.

The other demo bikes were completed at the Masi Global World Domination Headquarters with the help of a few co-workers who were kind enough to lend their "free"* time to helping Masi not look totally inept. *There is no such thing as "free" time for anybody in the bike industry this time of year.

The fleet of demo bikes includes the all-new CXR cross bike and the new and cool Gran Criterium. Both bikes will be available in each size we make, so make sure that if you are attending Interbike that you bring your pedals and come take a bike for a ride- I KNOW you'll like the ride. See me at demo booth R11! Just keep in mind that since these are demo bikes, the spec isn't 100% the same as the final production. A few have an incorrect stem or wheels or something. Some of the product wasn't available yet and some wasn't available at the last possible second when I realized I needed it.

We picked up the Big Trucks and loaded them with all of our stuff for Vegas, other than the booth stuff that was shipped away on the big semi.

Fortunately I get to drive a smaller box van this year, rather than one of the gigantic trucks.

This is John Webber, one of our sales dogs- he's recently been promoted up to International Sales Manager and is seen here climbing on top of the Masi demo bikes to secure them in the truck. Note how gingerly he is balancing, so as to protect the sweet Masi-goodness. What a gentle guy.

Tomorrow morning, before the crack of dawn, we'll be heading off to Vegas in the three big trucks, the demo trailer and a few smaller vehicles. Once in Vegas, the blogging might drop off again, though I will be trying to blog at night and possibly even a few posts straight from the booth. I promise that I will be taking lots of pictures and will keep my camera handy for celebrity sightings and cool bike stuff.

Time to get my act together and get some laundry done, pack some clothes, get cleaned up and presentable (as if) and spend some time with my family before I'm gone for a week.

See you in Vegas!



Graham said...

I can only imagine the frenzy. Will you be able to make the Blogger Meetup?

Rich Kelly IB said...

It's Saturday afternoon here in Vegas and just arrived a few hours ago. Logged on in my hotel room and after reading your post, I have this mental image of the day before setup begins of the entire bike industry in large convoys converging on Vegas for the big gathering. Thousands of bikes and tons of the latest gear all on their way here.
What a beautiful thought. Can't wait to see you all. I'll be at the Demo site early early Sunday morning. See you there, Tim.