Saturday, September 02, 2006


Last night I drug my tired sorry ass out to visit with a couple of my bestest buddies, who I haven't seen in several months and had a couple beers, sipped a little Scotch and did some great night time saltwater flyfishing.

I haven't been in the water in a very long time... way too long again. The last time I went it had been a long time since I'd gone out. I have to break that little habit. Each time I go out and fish I tell myself I won't wait so long before I do it again. Well...

There really is something about standing in the water, in the dark, waving a big stick in the air and casting a line out into the water. The waiting for that bump...bump, bump...bump, bump, pull... is just something special. With each goofy scream of, "FISH ON", the fun just keeps growing. Three of us guys giggling like school girls in our waders- it's pretty darned funny... and fun.

Thanks to Chad and Spot for a great evening of goofery and great fish fun.


Oh yeah, the fish count;
Me- 4 landed, one spit the fly and one monster strike that I fouled up.
Chad- 3 landed, one spit fly and a couple good wind knots.
Spot- 2 landed, a couple good strikes, one spit fly (I think) and the best casting technique of us all (but then again, it's what he does for a living...)


mags said...

I envy you. Seriously. I'm just looking forward to a slow-down of the season and deer hunting...


Anonymous said...


Spot totally rocks. I used to stop in htbikes when he was there just to chat him up. The only other bike shop where I have ever done that is AAB's and that needs no explaining. Last I heard he was going to nocal to work with a frame builder, then I saw him in the photos of the AAB's anniversary party and andrew said he was making fly rods or something in coronado. Enjoy your labor day and tell Spot, next time you see him, that Ted said hello. If he has a blank look on his face, tell him I'm the Ted who grew up with the Klasna's. Oh, btw, will the speciale fixed bikes have the same top tube lengths as the speciale premios and come in the same sizes? I am going to preorder one.


Ann Handley said...

Your fishing trip was far more productive than mine this summer...JEALOUS! : )