Thursday, October 20, 2005

Stinky? (Alternate title; Lucky 7)

Well, last night was a success, as far as the fishing went. I, of course, forgot to take my camera so we have no photographic proof. You'll just have to take my word for it...

Seven is a great number, especially when you are talking about how many fish I caught! I haven't been in the water in at least 6 months, so I was rusty with my fly casting but I got the job done. Today my right shoulder and wrist hurt from all the casting. Hey, it was worth it to get into some great fishing though.

The Spotted/ Barred Bay Bass were plenty active, although I was the only one of the three of us who caught a fish.

This is what we were catching. They put up a great fight on a fly rod, even with the overkill 10 weight rod I was using. The bulk of the fish I caught were in the 12-14" range, although two of them were easily the smallest fish I have ever caught on a fly. Both were probably in the 5 1/2- 6" range. I pulled one right out of the water setting the hook. They sure are pretty fish though.

That is one fish-spit covered fly! You can barely see the eyes, but half the paint is worn off, then the "hair" is just beat to heck and wrapped around the shank of the hook. It is one ugly fly now, but it's getting tied on again as soon as I step back in the water.

During the night I got to have that cigar I was dreaming about for the past few days; a real Cuban Montecristo. Man, that was one delicious smoke. It was so good, I had a second cigar... and I am paying for it today with a cigar hangover. I felt like I had half a lung on my ride today...

My very good friend Spot, a former pro-team bike mechanic and Wheelsmith wheel builder, is now a fly fishing guide for Andy Montana's in Coronado. He's the one guilty of getting me into fly fishing in the first place. The two of us giggled like school girls, as always, with each hooked fish. What a blast! We also had a few Sierra Nevada Pale Ales while we were out and since they support pro racing, I feel even better about drinking their beer. It was so much fun and the fishing was so good, I didn't get home this morning until 2:00AM. I'm plain old tired today, but it was worth it.


(New polls coming soon.)


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