Thursday, October 27, 2005

A picture is worth a couple words...

This picture was harder to take than one might imagine. How often do you take a picture of your own foot?

I kind of like the crappy, artsy sort of quality to it though. Maybe I should convert it black and white?

Negative came out even cooler. Don't you think?

The guys at SockGuy make wonderful socks and they are really cool too. They do a good job at keeping me in the appropriate socks. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I wore a non-SockGuy sock. Thanks fellas!

More polls coming soon so you can help further shape the future of the brand. By the way, SOFA is beating OFSOOS' ass in the current poll. Dangit!



Paterfamilias said...

Can you feel it OFSOOS? The pain is coming to you straight from the SOFA baby, yeah!

SanDiego81 said...

How about "SOFA presented by OFSOOS"? After that all you need is sponsorship from a Begian flooring company, and you'll practically be forced to go pro.

The Pro Tour awaits . . .

gwadzilla said...

the socks from the SOCK GUY rock
they get funny looks at times
especially when you take your shoes off at a party
they are comfortable and some of them look cool
I have an assortment of whacky ones from bike swaps and clearance bins
those are mostly for a lower layer sock