Sunday, October 09, 2005

Beer me!

A nice full weekend without being at a tradeshow or having to otherwise work at all. Lovely!

I didn't get on my bike or even pull on any spandex all weekend either. I won't go so far as to say I didn't think about bikes or talk about bikes, I am a total bike geek after all, but my weekend was largely bike-less and spent entirely with my wife. What a nice couple of days...

Ok, back to bike geek-dom...
Well, it sounds like a few folks might be interested in team OFSOOS (even skinny, fast or young folks can join). As for the race requirement, one race a year is pretty easy to pull off and can be accomplished on the cheap with a track race... self-serving as that may be. I don't know about a wool jersey for the team, though I am looking into a wool Masi retro jersey that will blow your minds (more later). I haven't really considered other "sponsors" for the team, outside of Masi of course, but if you know somebody at Krispy Kreme looking to spend some money on cycling, I'm all ears (and stomach). No- you don't have to ride a Masi to be on the team, although it automatically makes you cooler. Gordon- yeah, that was probably me you saw. That was the route I took on Friday. Fat is certainly a relative term, I understand. I'm the fattest I've ever been, though I am also not cutting back on the foods or beers I like so much. Hey, if I can remain competitive on the track and in a few TT's without training or using a healthy diet, then I'm content. I have to confess though that I am considering a diet (just less crap) and actually training this winter. Getting so tantalizingly close to going to Elite Nationals on the track this year has given me a little impetus to actually do a little more this winter.

Anyway, team OFSOOS (or OFSO2S?) would be a lot of fun, I think. Chapter clubs all over the US, just like the Chevrolet/LA Sheriffs team of the 90's. Honestly, keep the ideas and suggestions flowing my way. This could be the beginning of something very fun and cool.

Ok, time to toss Breaking Away in the DVD player, make some popcorn and open another Newcastle Brown Ale.



ashwinearl said...

I'll license you the use of Team-MWC, FTJ and NGT (married with children, full time job, no genetic talen) to add to your other acronym for a steel Masi !!!

Anonymous said...

Team OSFOOS sounds funnier (not that the whole concept isn't HI-larious).