Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Ok, it is looking like Team OFSOOS is likely to happen. Working on details, so stay tuned.

My first thoughts are this; membership "fee" would get you in the club and one jersey. Additional items of clothing would be available at a discount. Non-members would be able to buy the clothing, but it would be at full price. Hence, a benefit to membership. Another benefit would be avoiding the unattached fees at any races. I'm thinking that a semi-retro styled jersey and bib shorts would be cool. Something with a simple panel design on the chest and then a cool matching bib short. I'd like to work something out with Masi retailers to be able to possibly even work out team deals on bikes/ frames, though that is not a given by any stretch of the imagination. Plus, you don't have to have a Masi to be on the team... it's a "one love" sort of gig.

I'll work out the details and let you know what develops.



hungry man said...

Will the membership "fee" consist of giving you Hungry Man salsbury steak TV dinners? Over 1 lb. of food baby!

Paterfamilias said...

I think you should consider SOFA as the team name S.low O.ld and F.at A.thletes. It came to me this morning in the shower, I consider it devine inspiration.

iheartbikes said...

I really like the SOFA idea... that is great... Then maybe you could call the race the SOFA King race and crown someone the SOFA King.

Paterfamilias said...

iheartbikes you took the rest of my joke!

You could be the SOFA Kings club of "insert your city here"!

It realy covers the intire genre of off the couch and riding.

Any who, it's worth thinking about...