Monday, October 24, 2005

Now I have to wash my bike.

I did it; I rode in the rain today. It's kind of hard to call it real rain though. If you stand still, you can barely tell there is any wet in the air at all, but if you are moving your lenses get wet and your clothing gets damp. I finished my ride and my socks were still dry, but the front of my jersey was soaked. The only thing that made it feel like rain was the fact that the bike was wet and covered in road grime when I was done. Fortunately, I was riding in my Canari wool jersey so I was nice and warm... and I didn't smell like a wet sheep when I was done either because it is that new-fangled wool stuff. Umm... wool...

After missing out on riding over the weekend, thanks to the rain, I just couldn't take it and got out on the bike for a little spin to loosen up the legs a little. My left hamstring, and occasionally my right, has been trying to cramp on me when I am sitting at my desk. The muscle just feels really tight, so I need to do more stretching at night. I'll be giving it a good stretch this evening.

After getting run over last year, I have finally begun to see a chiropractor to get my back and neck fixed and I can really feel the difference already. I had one adjustment after the accident, probably only 1-2 weeks after, and then nothing for more than a year. Needless to say, my back and neck have been a mess. I'm beginning to be able to stand up straight without fear of losing consciousness from the searing pain. I consider that progress.

Ok, gotta get back to the multiple projects at hand. Hopefully tomorrow will be the beginning of dryer times, though the weather report seems to have a lot of those little rain drop symbols on it...


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