Saturday, October 22, 2005

New poll up.

Ok all of you potential team riders wanting to be a member of the clan of "super friends". It is time to speak now or forever shut up.

What do you want to be? An OFSOOS or a SOFA? I came up with OFSOOS on my own, late at night, after several Newcastle Brown Ales and while wallowing in self-loathing. SOFA was submitted by a friend of mine who works for the dark overlords at Shimano. He doesn't drink and I doubt he wallows in self-loathing, so I don't know where his divine inspiration came from, though given the suggestion's name, I have a feeling a TV remote might have been involved.

Let the voting begin.



Paterfamilias said...

The idea for SOFA came to me in the room of brilliance! Though I wasn't sitting on the thinking throne at the time, I was in the shower.

I was trying to think of how to make an team name an acronym that is used in the common vernacular of our time. And since being slow, or fat, or out of shape, usually has something to do with spending to much time on the sofa, it came to mind as the perfect team name!

Not to take anything away from Timmy's team name, which I think actually discribes who the members will be. SOFA is easier to say, and when the announcer calls out our team name, he will say; "coming to you straight of the couch team SOFA!" or something like that.

We can let the readers decide...

Tom said...

I like the name SOFA a little bit more. OFSOOS is a more descriptive acronym, I agree. And for anyone that's been in the industry or around bikes enough, we could borrow the phrase from a frame builder and our nick name could be the SOFA Kings!

Anonymous said...

That is sofa king we Todd it ;-). And Tim can be Sofa King fast sometimes.

BlogBob said...

I'm all about the SOFA. It sounds so relaxing. I just wish I had more time to spend on the new one my wife and I just bought. Maybe I can envision myself sitting on it with the S.O.F.A jersey on in the really cold months up here.
Now instead of saying I did 40 year old man stuff over the weekend I can say I rode the SOFA.