Thursday, October 06, 2005

Spare moment for random thoughts.

Vegas was great for not only invigorating myself due to the products I sell being received well, but also by products other people sell that I find interesting. It's easy for me to say that there are a lot of people out there doing some great products that continue to catch my eye.

Obviously, I think Ritchey makes great products or I wouldn't put them on any of the bikes, but there are a lot of products they have that I can't spec that are just awesome. I like the Ritchey wheels and have had a lot of luck with them, though I know not everybody else has. Hey, at 210 pounds I like anything that holds up to my riding style. Plus the WCS Protocol wheels are pretty light too... added bonus. However, one of my favorite Ritchey products... I almost hate to say... the BreakAway bikes. They now do a titanium version that was so beautiful I was afraid to touch it- but I did.

The new Ibis bikes are really cool looking too. I know some Ibis purists will be bummed that the brand isn't built around steel bikes, but change can be a very good thing. Best of all, as I have mentioned before, Scot Nicol is back with the company and is adding his usual sense of humor and personality back to the brand. They'll do well... mark my words.

Canari, my former employers, have done a great job with their line and have added some really kick-ass new wool jerseys as well as expanded the line altogether. The custom program is amazing and you should give them a look if you are doing team/ company clothing. The stuff is great.

There's folks making fixed gear hubs and cogs, Level Components, that just rock! The cog bolts to the hub, rather than screwing on and getting held on with a lockring. The design might take some people some time to accept, but it made great sense to me as soon as I saw it. Check'em out because they are really cool hubs and cogs.

Enervit continues to be my favorite fuel source. That stuff is the best performance food I have found. The GT tablets are the best thing I have ever found to fight off muscle cramps when riding. Got cramps? Get GT tablets.

There's lots of other stuff, but I'm gonna go eat my dinner now...


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DT said...

I've got one of the early versions of the Level Components rear fixie hub he donated as a prize for riding the ECNASSCU fixed a couple of years ago. Bolt on fixie cog on one side and a thread on freewheel on the other (I hear he's working on a bolt on freewheel). It's machined beauty! Highly recommend trying it out as it can be used on and offroad by just changing the spacers...